El Nino bouncing back after appearing to fade

Forecasters hoping for wet winter

SAN DIEGO - The on-again, off-again weather phenomenon known as El Nino appears to be back on again, a new report says.  

"The winds have shifted, so it looks like we'll have an El Nino, but we don't know yet how strong it will be," said Miguel Miller, who is with the National Weather Service in Rancho Bernardo.

During the last reporting period, the water along the equator seem to cool, which is something not associated with an El Nino event.

Miller said the shifting winds, which could lead to possible interaction with the atmosphere, are key signs of the El Nino coming back to life.  

"A moderate to strong event will bring rain during the winter months – rain we desperately need – but we really won't know if that will occur until the jet stream drops down in the fall," he said.

While 65 percent confident there will be an El Nino, the jury is out, Miller said, as to what impact it will have on the California coastline. For that, we simply have to wait, he said.

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