El Cajon police crackdown on taggers

EL CAJON, Calif. - A major push in El Cajon to fight back against taggers who are literally painting the town. In a recent crackdown by El Cajon Police Department's bike team and detectives, seven people were arrested for close to 200 drawings.

"We are constantly seeing this and trying to figure out the battle in trying to stop it," said Audrey Hamilton, a volunteer with El Cajon Citizens Patrol.

Hamilton drives through neighborhoods looking for anything suspicious. Last Friday, she caught someone spray painting a wall. "The individual saw us and took off running," she said. "As we drove up to where that individual was, we could see there was fresh paint."

Many of the recent taggings happened at El Cajon Park which is just a couple blocks away from the police station. According to court documents, one teen admitted to police he's been painting A-T-C" lives in the same neighborhood he marked. The acronym stands for "Always Take Chances."

That teen is a juvenile and when 10News paid a visit to his apartment, his parents had no comment.

Court records also show El Cajon Police are investigating Victor Ocampo, 19, who posted a picture of himself on Facebook posing in front of graffiti.

"As far as we're concerned, this is the territory of El Cajon citizens, we are all welcome here."

If you see graffiti in El Cajon, you can report it to 619-441-5533 or visit elcajonpolice.org > crime> graffiti.

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