Easter services continue as planned at Ramona church despite break-in, theft earlier this week

RAMONA, Calif. - A Ramona church carried on with Easter services as planned despite the thief who ransacked the place earlier this week.

It is supposed to be the holiest time of the year, but it was not an easy week for Reverend Gwynn Freund of St. Mary's of the Valley Episcopal Church in Ramona or anyone in her congregation.

On Monday, someone was caught on camera kicking in their office window. Surveillance video shows a suspected thief rolling out a safe but going back for more. The reverend says the person stole offerings, Sunday school supplies and priceless sacred items.

"I wouldn't want this to happen to any other church," Freund said.  

While deputies continue working to track down the person who did it, church members are trying to move forward.

Freund does not think they will get anything back. She just prays the person is stopped and helped.

"[A] little bit of relief that we made it through Holy Week," she said though laughter.

She turned tough emotions into an uplifting Easter service on Sunday, switching gospels to give a special message.  

"It is that affirmation that reminder that God wins," Freund said. "That love and life and God triumph over evil and violence."

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