East County tagging victims get help from 10News viewer

Car used for neighborhood watch patrol vandalized

EL CAJON, Calif. -  

Some neighborhood watch volunteers turned crime victims are back on patrol thanks to a gesture by a 10News viewer who saw the story.
The white hood of Ticin Parker's Ford Crown Victoria never looked so good.
Two weeks ago, the car became a canvas for taggers, who hit an El Cajon neighborhood, spray painting fences, garage doors, even a stop sign.
"I was disgusted by the sight of it," said Michael Strasburg, who co-owns the car.
It was the only car vandalized.
Strasburg and Parker are part of an Evening Citizens Patrol in El Cajon made up of volunteers.
"Do you think your car was targeted because of your volunteering?" asked 10News reporter Michael Chen.
"I think it's possible," answered Parker.
The car was also a possible target because of how it looks. The Ford Crown Victoria is a retired police vehicle. In the back is a row of lights that can be used to help law enforcement direct traffic.
After the tagging, 10News talked to the two men, who admitted they only had liability insurance. They couldn't afford the several hundred dollars required to remove the graffiti. They were preparing to go on patrol with the graffiti.
"People would be watching, pointing and laughing. It would be an embarrassment," said Strasburg.
Angelo Campagna called 10News after seeing the story and wanted to help.
"Since he's giving back to the community, I would like to give back to the community, too," said Campagna, who owns A & A Mobile Auto Detailing.
Campagna's crew removed the graffiti and washed the car for free.  
For parker, who buys his own gas for the patrols, it's removed his own worries going back on patrol.
"I think it's a wonderful feeling that people are still looking out for other people, especially in a bad economy like this," said Parker.
The taggers have not yet been caught. All the graffiti from the tagging shared the letters VNC.
If you have any information, you're asked to call El Cajon police.
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