East County residents terrified sex predator Mikel Marshall will be watching their children

Marshall to live in Jacumba Hot Springs

JACUMBA HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - Residents in Jacumba Hot Springs are bracing themselves for a new resident -- a convicted sexually violent predator.

State officials are expected to place 39-year-old Mikel Marshall within town limits in the next week.

"I'm discouraged because I really feel that we're the dumping grounds," said Jacumba Hot Springs resident Danielle Cook.

Marshall spent 14 years in prison after he molested four young boys in the 1990s.

The state selected a home for him off Old Highway 80 that happens to be about a 100 yards from the Vazquez family's home where three young children live.

"We have imprisoned an entire family," Cook told 10News reporter Joe Little.

Cook fought the state alongside the Vazquez family to no avail. The judge said he had no reason to deny placement of Marshall in the home.

Cook said the family is terrified Marshall -- who will be wearing a GPS device -- will be watching from above.

"[The family] cannot put up their swimming pool in the summer," she said.

It may also impact the town itself, which is undergoing its own revitalization. The famous Jacumba Hot Springs Spa and Lodge reopened last year and two new businesses have opened.

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