East County residents say trees at Lindo Lake were butchered

LAKESIDE, Calif. - Some East county residents are furious after they say trees around Lindo Lake were recently butchered by a tree trimming company hired by the county.

"I would say incompetence and ignorance. I don't know what else to say," said Lakeside resident Pat Meacham, who along with El Cajon resident Denise Biegeman contacted 10News, upset over a recent trimming.

"I've seen them trim trees before. I've never seen them mutilate trees before," Meacham said.

The women say before the trimming, the trees were loaded with bird nests and were home to hundreds – if not thousands – of birds.

"Everything from herrings to egrets - even as something as exotic as mandarin ducks," said Meacham.

Biegeman has lived in El Cajon for the past 15 years. She is a frequent visitor to Lindo Lake and is appalled at what has happened.

County parks, though, tells 10News it is just routine tree trimming work.

But Biegeman calls the work an absolute sin.

"Bottom line is they absolutely butchered these trees and hired a company that is not an expert in landscaping," she said. "They were probably just the cheapest company to come out here and get the job done, but what they've done has devastated the trees."

10News reached out to the landscaping company. As soon as we hear back, we will let you know their reason for trimming the trees like they did.

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