East County residents fear drought will also damage groundwater levels

State says California wells are drying up

ALPINE, Calif. - Thousands of rural San Diego County residents are on the verge of losing their primary source of water.

According to the California Department of Water Resources, the state's groundwater levels are at record low levels. A third of all the water used in California comes from aquifers, which are the pockets of water underground.

Alpine resident Jeff Light spent $15,000 digging his well in 2000. It is still pumping out water, but a well two doors down recently went dry. That neighbor had to dig deeper. 

Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees with wells.

"You know, I have no idea what the aquifer is or how much water is here or how many people are on it," said Light.

The manager at a San Diego-area water well drilling business said everyone needs to "pray for rain" because things are looking bad above the ground and below.

According to the state, San Diego had the fifth most wells that were dug deeper in the past year because groundwater levels fell so much.

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