East County man says he and his friend were shot at while fishing on San Diego River

SAN DIEGO - An East County man says he and his buddy were shot at while fishing on the San Diego River. The incident occurred late Monday night near the Friars Road overpass.

One of the victims, who is still afraid for his life, contacted 10News to let others know about his frightening experience.

"I thought I was going to die," said the man, who was only identified as "Chris."

Chris and his friend were bass fishing on a canoe when they heard three gunshots. Two of the shots whizzed past them.

"It was just a boom, then a 'shoop,' boom, 'shoop,'" said Chris.

The two men jumped off the canoe and swam to shore, still dodging bullets.

"I'm drowning in the water, fighting for my life in the water and they're still shooting at me," said Chris.

The men were able to get inside their car and drive to a nearby 7-Eleven where they called for help. San Diego police checked the area but never found anyone.

"I felt like we should've gotten shot," said Chris. "They were trying to shoot us."

Chris and his friend were uninjured and say they will not be going back there to fish.

This comes almost three weeks after police say a woman stabbed her boyfriend to death and left his body in that same riverbed.

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