Early winter storm blasts through Julian

Rain, sleet, hail pelt mountain community

JULIAN, Calif. - The storm track passed through the mountain community of Julian on Friday evening just as the weekend loomed.

People jumped into their cars to experience the change of seasons. That is part of the charm of Julian.

Sonja Kodimer told 10News she loves it. 

"Suddenly we have snow in the county," she said. "It's really cute because all these tourists come up here and they're like super excited at these little patches of snow within San Diego County, so it's really fun to watch people… their innocence and how excited they get."

However, the snow was slow to develop.

The early evening was dominated by spotty rain, sleet and cold winds whipping through.

Natalie Cook of Pine Valley stopped to talk for a moment.

"Really cold… rushing into buildings as quickly as we can," she said.

Beth Allsbrook of San Pedro was celebrating her birthday with friends. 

"Just enjoying Julian… it's my first time," she said. "I knew it'd be cold but I had no idea it would be this cold, so I had to buy some warm clothes but it's great. I love it."

John DePew and his wife, Darlene, recently moved to Julian and could not be happier. 

"Love the snow, love the mountains," he said. "Moving up here was our dream.  [We] came up for weekends. Now, we get to live up here."

Though it was a very cold night, there were a few people wearing shorts, like Stewart Douglas and his son, Hunter. 

"Just locals from San Diego," said Douglas. "We dress like this all the time in San Diego."

He did admit to being surprised at the temperature. 

"Very surprised," he said. "I didn't think it'd be this cold."

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