Early homecoming for Camp Pendleton Marine

Unit left for Afghanistan in January

VISTA, Calif. - With a scream of delight, Meredith Wish leaped from her desk at an office complex in Vista as her husband 1st Lt. Mike Wish walked through the door.

"I'm so glad he's home. I have been counting the days," she said.

Wish deployed with Tango Battery from Camp Pendleton in January to Afghanistan.  

"We provided artillery support for U.S. and coalition forces," he said.

Orders to Oklahoma for a specialty school in artillery allowed him to come home early.  

Meredith said, "I thought something was up because I saw an American ATM withdrawal from the bank, but I'm glad, so glad he's home," she said.  

The rest of the unit will return in several weeks.

Meantime, Mike and Meredith have a home and two dogs to pack up. His new assignment starts in a couple of weeks.


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