Dueling Filner recall efforts expected to join forces

Michael Pallamary, Stampp Corbin in talks

SAN DIEGO - It now appears the two dueling efforts to recall Mayor Bob Filner will soon join as one.

On Wednesday morning, at a Mission Hills restaurant, the two leaders in the great recall dispute talked it out over coffee and brokered a peace.

"We had a very nice conversation," said Stampp Corbin.

Michael Pallamary said, "To the extent we have differences, they're all behind us."

Pallamary, a businessman, and Corbin, the publisher for LGBT Weekly, say all will be revealed in a Friday news conference, but sources say the two men are expected to join forces.

On Monday, before cameras, Pallamary said he intended to go to prosecutors after a Corbin friend said Corbin claimed the recall bid was a sham designed to do little, which would help Filner. 

Corbin said he was joking with the friend and demanded an apology from Pallamary.     

Pallamary, who told 10News he would apologize if it meant moving the process forward, did apologize to Corbin in person at the coffee date.

So what does all this goodwill mean?

Sources say Corbin is willing to suspend his own recall campaign and join Pallamary's effort, provided he can be campaign co-chair.

The legalities of two simultaneous recall efforts remain unclear.

When asked if he had a problem making Corbin co-chair, Pallamary said, "We'll talk about that Friday. I have no problem with Stampp Corbin."

Pallamary did tell 10News the two will be working together and not against each other in the recall process.

He said he came away from the coffee date confident in Corbin's dedication to removing Filner.

"The ultimate result is we're committed to recalling Bob Filner," said Pallamary.

Pallamary told 10News the recall effort is going very well.

"Several thousand volunteers have signed up," he said. "Usually, each volunteer will bring five to 10 friends and family. If you project those numbers, it may translate into a network of about 10,000 volunteers."

Pallamary will be allowed to begin collecting signatures August 18.

He said he will also have paid signature gatherers. He said several thousand dollars in checks have come in since Monday – the day he turned in the paperwork – allowing him to fundraise.

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