Driver who killed 8 in desert rollover crash racing at San Diego County Fair

Critic questions Brett Sloppy's appearance

DEL MAR, Calif. - An off-road racer who killed eight spectators in a crash three years ago is racing at the San Diego County Fair.

10News was there as Brett Sloppy drove his black truck with the number 4130 through a series of dirt hills and jumps inside Del Mar Arena during the Red Bull Motorsports Spectacular.

Sloppy declined to be interviewed about the incident that happened in the desert in 2010 or to answer to a critic who questioned whether he should be allowed to race at the San Diego County Fair.

"It's a huge morality drama," said "Monster" Mike Overcast, who is a motorsports enthusiast and commentator.

"This is someone who it could be said has gotten away with manslaughter, and when you look at the circumstances of the race event where the deaths took place, there really has to be a question of who is in charge, why did this occur and why is there not any justice for the victims' families in this?" Overcast added.

Overcast claims Sloppy was not cleared by the California Highway Patrol, which investigated the crash, but that's not fair race producer John Borba told 10News.

Borba said Sloopy has "been proven innocent by a court of law," and that Overcast is "bullying" the young driver.

"What he's doing is shallow, it's shameful and I really wish he'd grow up and get over it," said Borba. "He was just racing. There was a catastrophic accident, and there was a loss of life and it's done."

Borba claims Sloopy is a good kid who has a passion for racing and still struggles to deal with the accident.

"He has to live with this. He has to think about it every morning when he wakes up," said Borba.

Overcast isn't surprised Borba is defending Sloppy.

"What these race promoters do is they'll change numbers to allow him to race. These guys are so desperate for money -- that $40 entry fee -- they'll do that before they'll disallow someone to race," Overcast said.

Another driver on the circuit said he's glad to see Sloppy back in action.

"He's really a good guy, really a great driver and it's not his fault it happened; it could happen to any racer out there at any time," said David Caspino. "A lot of the spectators need to pay more attention to where they stand, and it's really good to have Sloppy racing here today."


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