1 injured after multiple crashes in Tierrasanta

SAN DIEGO - A man is in the hospital Thursday after the car he was in slammed into several parked cars in Tierrasanta.

The incident happened shortly after midnight in the 4500 block of Calle de Vida.

Initial reports indicate that a man and a woman in a silver Infiniti crashed into a parked Volvo, which in turn hit a Honda Accord.

Witnesses said the man and the woman drove away from the scene of the crash, but they ended up slamming into yet another parked vehicle.

Steve Schneider lives near where the first crash happened.

"I was sleeping, and I heard a loud noise outside the window," Schneider said. "I got up and looked out the window and saw a car wrecked into my neighbors car, and a lady getting out of the car, yelling ‘Oh God, oh God,’ so I went out to go assist and by the time I got down there she was taking off."

Schneider said he followed the silver Infiniti in his own car and called 911.

Officers were able to catch up with the vehicle at Calle De Vida and Seda Drive. They said they found the man suffering from minor injuries. The woman, who may have been driving at one point, has not been arrested.

Police said it was unclear if the man or the woman was driving at the time of the crashes.

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