Driver arrested after car jumps curb, slams into Manhattan corner grocery store

Cyclist hit by flying fire hydrant

NEW YORK - Police have arrested a New York City man in connection with a car wreck that left a half city block in shambles and severely injured a 60-year-old man.
Police say Shaun Martin, of Queens, was driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs when his car rocketed onto a Manhattan sidewalk Wednesday morning and slammed into a 24-hour grocery store.
Eight people were hurt as the car smashed through a tree, a telephone booth, parked bicycles, a parking kiosk and a flower stand.
Several people were hospitalized. One cyclist in the city's new bike-share program was hit by a flying fire hydrant.

One witness, Rafael Fuentes, says the driver lost control about a block away and plowed through everything on the sidewalk.
Another witness, Najava Stone, says people were hurt by flying debris. He says the car spun before landing in a crosswalk.
Police say Martin was driving a rented Nissan Altima.
They say this isn't the first time he has been charged with inebriated driving.

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