Dramatic smash and grab burglary in El Cajon caught on surveillance cameras

$50K of luxury jewelry stolen

EL CAJON, Calif. - According to police, surveillance video captured three men breaking into an El Cajon jewelry store, stealing $50,000 worth of high-end jewelry and watches. 

Authorities said the heist occurred just after 6 a.m. Thursday morning on the corner of Jamacha Road and East Washington Avenue.

In the video, the crooks are seen using what appears to be hammers or axes to smash display shelves, showcases, and windows to get to the loot. In two minute's time, the three men are seen taking off in a dark getaway sedan parked outside the business.

The owner of Babylon Fine Jewelry, David DeHessy, told 10News this was the first time his businesses was burglarized in its 27 years of operation.

"I feel violated," explained DeHessy. "We have someone coming in here, vandalizing our store, robbing us, and we cannot do anything, that makes me angry. It's not easy to put up a business and support a family."

DeHessy told 10News he believes his store was cased before the heist. He said on Monday, a woman walked into his store and started acting suspicious.

"She had a jacket on, a long jacket in a hot summer, that was one thing ... she was browsing the store, inch by inch, it was like [she was taking pictures] of my store and that made me suspicious," said DeHessy. "When I asked, 'may I help you?' she said I want to buy something, anything ... we never have customers like that."

That's when DeHessy told his co-worker, he had a bad feeling he would be robbed.

DeHessy said the repairs in his shop would cost him an extra $30,000.

However, he said none of his customer's jewelry or watches were stolen -- they were kept in a back safe. 

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