Dozens of cars towed for Rock 'n' Roll Marathon; drivers say they didn't see 'no parking' signs

EAST VILLAGE - An angry viewer contacted 10News after his car was towed along the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon route, along with dozens of others.

Fritz Herrmann showed up at the tow yard to get his 2013 Tahoe out of impound. His SUV was towed overnight from outside his East Village home.

"I got out of my car and went around to my passenger side and there were no signs there. There's nothing that said I couldn't park there."

San Diego Police started towing dozens of cars just after midnight. They did so to make room for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

The "no parking" signs read: "Tow Away, no parking on Sunday June 1st from 12:01 a.m. until 8 a.m."

But Bankers Hill bar-goer Sarah Sanae said some of the signs weren't visible.

"Where I was parked, there wasn't a sign, obviously I'm on the drivers side, so all I could see were the parking meters. But, the sign was in front of the car in front of me, obviously blocked by the car," she said.

San Diego City Spokesman Bill Harris says the signs were posted at least three days in advance and they were normal size like any other event.

"The marathon is very well publicized, everyone living along the route is given a door hanger talking about what's going to happen," said Harris.

Three-hundred and twenty five dollars later and with patience being put to the test, "Release my car now," said Herrmann. He was able to get his Tahoe back and was on his way to a golf tournament that he's now a little late to.

10News has put calls in with San Diego Police Department to find out how many cars were towed.

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