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The holiday season is a time to be with family and friends, and express gratitude for what we have. One in six people, including one in four children, struggle with hunger in San Diego County. These families rely on Feeding America San Diego and an outpouring of support from the community to make ends meet.

Help us make sure every family has a meal for the holidays. ABC10 and Azteca San Diego 15 are kicking off our Month of A Million Meals as Live Well San Diego partners with Feeding America San Diego - your donation can help achieve our goal! Donate between Nov. 23 – Dec. 31. For every dollar you donate, Feeding America San Diego will provide six meals for a family in need.

No child in San Diego should go hungry! Become a source of hope and joy for families facing hunger throughout the holidays. Get involved by supporting our Month of a Million Meals today.

Join us as we strive to Live Well San Diego!

UPDATE: As of Dec. 18, San Diego has raised about 800,000 meals

Donate Food

Drop-off your donation of non-perishable food in the Feeding America San Diego bins at Ralphs and Food4Less locations throughout San Diego County. Most needed items include: peanut butter, canned tuna, canned chicken, canned fruits in natural juices and canned soup (chicken, tomato or vegetable). Drop-off your donation between Nov. 23 – Dec. 31.


Feeding America San Diego relies on the support of volunteers during the holiday season to sort product and distribute it to our distribution partners and clients. Sign up for an individual shift or attend a holiday open house on Saturday, Dec. 21 (9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m), at their Distribution Center, 9455 Waples St, San Diego, CA 92121. Open houses offer structured shifts for individuals ready to work or drop-in availability for tours of the facility. Sign-up at:

ABC10, and sister station Azteca San Diego 15, are proud to partner with the County of San Diego on the Live Well San Diego initiative.

Live Well San Diego is an initiative of the County of San Diego to improve health and wellness for all residents. It represents a shared vision that can only be accomplished through collaboration across partners from every sector. This vision calls on every resident to take action to improve their own health, safety and well-being, as well as that of their families and neighbors.

For more information, visit Live Well San Diego.

Personal Stories

A $1 donation provides six meals for needy families in San Diego County. 10News talked to some of the people your money is helping.

"I just hope she grows up healthy and never goes hungry," Cristin Defalco said of her young daughter.

Defalco needs a little help. She goes to school, works and her husband works six days a week. She has a 2-year-old daughter named Annabell.

Her family gets help from Feeding America San Diego.

"It's not like we're living off the system," said Defalco.

Money is tight, but at least she has food.

She knows many like herself who benefit from donations to Feeding America.

"You're helping people that, like myself, are trying to get better and trying to move forward," said Defalco.

Cristina is on track to graduate from college in May, and she said she will always give back.

Peggy Hannagin just graduated and while in school, life threw her a curveball.

"It was just a very, very bad divorce," said Hannagin.

Peggy ended up homeless but still kept up her studies because she was able to eat.

Today, she's looking for work and volunteers. She said hungry kids keep her motivated to pay it forward.

"You're giving more than just food. You're giving this child, hope. You're giving him something to eat so when he goes to school in the morning, he can function," said Hannagin.

Feeding America San Diego also helps another local group of people, senior citizens.

"Especially when they live with their basic income," said Amina Adan with the nonprofit City Heights Community Development Corporation.

Adan sees how the donated dollars help seniors, like Teddie White.

"Donate what you can to help us be able to eat," said White.

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