Dog that was duct-taped, left to die recovering

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - A dog that was duct taped and left to die is now in the hands of medical professionals in Escondido -- thanks to local rescue group It's the Pits and a local councilman's efforts to get the word out to help the dog.

The dog was abandoned and left to die with duct tape wrapped around his mouth in the Coachella Valley, where temperatures have been known to surpass 130 degrees. It's the Pits rescued the dog from a shelter in Coachella and transported the dog to a care facility in Escondido.

"I'm guessing he got the duct tape off by scratching it against trees and scratching it with his paws," said Keith Blackburn, who serves on Carlsbad's City Council and volunteers with the group. "That's how he sustained these deep cuts and then he just tried to survive in the desert."  

Dr. Scott Dilorenzo with Animal Urgent Care Escondido told 10News, "It's unimaginable that people would do such a thing."  

The dog has been named Tundra, like the truck, for his fortitude and incredible will to live.

"He came in at about 38 pounds," said Dilorenzo. "A dog his size should be 60 pounds plus."

Blackburn, who is also a retired Carlsbad police sergeant, drove out from Carlsbad to pick Tundra up after the animal rescue group he volunteers with – "It's The Pits" – received the call.

"I've never seen one come out this skinny and you know what, he's still forgiving, still wants to be touched, still wagging his tail," said Blackburn.

He has already put $2,000 of his own money towards the dog's mounting vet bills. The future hope is a forever home. The hope now, that people will donate to help pay for Tundra's care.  

"It's one of the worst … one of the worst I've seen for sure, but it's just incredible… his spirits. I think his prognosis is excellent at this point," said Dilorenzo.

If you would like to donate or possibly adopt Tundra, click here for more information or call (858) 484-0985.

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