Dog stunned by Taser remains on loose in East County neighborhood

Dog last seen Monday morning in El Cajon

SAN DIEGO - Authorities are continuing their search in the East County for a dog that was stunned by a stun gun before running away.

According to El Cajon police, over the weekend, officers and animal control officials were called after a resident captured a stray female Labrador/terrier mix in a yard.

At first, independent dog rescuer Rebecca Stevens tried to capture the dog herself. When she realized she needed help, she contacted El Cajon Animal Control.

During the attempt to corral the dog, police said the dog was being aggressive and charged neighbors and an officer.

The dog was pepper sprayed, stunned by a stun gun and captured with a catch pole, but police said the pole did not work and the dog got away. The dog was able to pull one prong from its side, but it still has two prongs inside of it.

Stevens, founder of Four Paws Coonhound Rescue and Friends, said, "They Tasered her and when they opened up the gate, she got out of everything and is now in pain … there is now a probe and wire hanging on her right side."

Police said a tranquilizer gun would have been more dangerous than the Taser, and officers said they did not use the tranquilizer because transporting the narcotic was recently banned.

"We're trying to help this dog; she deserves a chance," Stevens said. "The dog is in incredible pain and is in fear. It was not aggressive prior to this. It was licking people's hands and taking food from their palms. I hold no ill will against animal control but wish they would reach out to other rescue groups that have reached out to help. They need help catching this dog and they won't take it."

Stevens said she has plans to take the dog in when it is located but worries about the dog's safety. She has set up a humane trap and is hoping that will lead to a peaceful capture.  

Rescue workers said they will be in the neighborhood looking for her, and they hope once it cools down she will come back.

The dog was last seen at about 10:30 a.m. Monday on Altozano Drive, and some neighbors told 10News the dog has been loose for two weeks.

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