Dog sitter hopes to prevent Army recruit's dog from being adopted out

EL CAJON, Calif. - A dog sitter caring for a Siberian Husky, which belongs to a local Army recruit away at boot camp, hopes she can prevent it from being adopted out by a shelter.

The woman, who only wanted to be identified as Jennifer, only had Landon, a 2-and-a-half-year old Siberian Husky for three days when he ran off.

"I was shocked and upset and immediately got in my car and started looking for him,” said Jennifer.

She discovered Landon was gone when she got home from work last Tuesday.

Jennifer had agreed to dog sit for a friend of her niece. That friend will be in Georgia at an Army boot camp for 13 more weeks.

"He's training to serve our country," Jennifer said. "I'm a former military wife. I'm a dog lover. The whole situation struck a chord within me."

Last week, she was struck with a different feeling: panic.

It turns out Landon went into the backyard and behind some potted plants before wedging himself through an opening between a wooden plank and a chain-link fence.

The dog was found at a nearby strip mall and ended up at a county shelter.

When Jennifer called the shelter, she learned she could not claim him. She did not have any paperwork saying she was caring for the dog and the owner was at boot camp and unreachable.

Landon has a microchip but the owner – who bought the dog 10 months ago – had not updated the owner information.

Jennifer was told Landon would be eligible to be adopted starting Tuesday.

"I was concerned for the guy that he was going to be heartbroken because I know how I would feel if it was my dog," said Jennifer.

After the interview with Jennifer, 10News brought all the information to officials at the Department of Animal Services, who told us they have decided to hold off on the adoption so they can take a closer look at the ownership claims.

Jennifer says she is sharing her story because she wants to emphasize the importance of updating microchip data and having documentation when someone else is taking care of your dog.

If the dog is adopted, she hopes someone will hear of the story and return the dog once the owner is back from boot camp.

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