Dog severely injured in house fire makes full recovery

Spyder survived burns over 20 percent of body

SAN DIEGO - A dog burned over 20 percent of her body when her owner's Ocean Beach home caught fire last December is now on her way home.

Lori Schwab didn't think Spyder would survive, but thanks to donations from the public and doctors at Shadowridge Veterinary Clinic, Spyder has made a full recovery.

"She looked like a toasted marshmallow at the beginning and she turned into a thin rail; it was horrible, and to see now how far she's come to be herself again, it's just … I can't even believe it," Schwab told 10News.

It took 10 surgeries, skin grafts, antibiotics and physical therapy over a span of 14 weeks to get Spyder up and running again. Her doctors say it is a miracle, but Spyder was a fighter from the first day she was brought in to Shadowridge.

"We used very advanced materials that were donated … bandages and dressing used on humans in hospital burn units," said Dr. Jenny Schiebert.

Spyder still has a wound on her left hip that is healing and Schwab will have to keep antibiotics on it for a few more weeks.

"She's an inspiration, a miracle. I can't believe it, I won't believe it until we are home and in bed eating snacks and watching TV; I know I'll sleep better at night," said Schwab. "I'll be thanking everyone for the rest of my days."

Schwab wants to begin training with Spyder to become a therapy dog and hopes to visit hospital burn units.

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