Dog killed by Africanized bees in Pacific Beach

SAN DIEGO - A viewer called 10News concerned after Africanized bees attacked and killed a dog he has been watching for family.

Christopher Leyva was dog sitting a 9-year-old Chihuahua named Pepita and two other dogs for their owners at a house in the 3600 block of Yosemite Street in Pacific Beach on June 9 when the unexpected happened.

"All of a sudden the other two dogs are attacked," said Leyva. "They're like covered in bees. They're flying around."

Leyva did everything he could to get the swarm off of the dogs, but nothing worked.

He shared with 10News the document he received from the vet stating that "Pepita and her two housemates, Elvis and Chiquita, were attacked by a swarm of bees." The document goes on to say that when "Pepita was presented DOA …" she had "too many stingers all over her body to count."

"The terrible part is you can't do anything about it," said Leyva. "You're sitting there watching them die, man. You know, there's no real words for that. It affected me pretty bad."

Friday night, Leyva showed 10News a specimen jar of what he says are the Africanized bees that were part of the swarm that killed Pepita.

His concern is someone in the neighborhood may be keeping bees but may be unaware what kind they are.

"So a lot of people don't get is they think that they're cute and they want to save the environment and I'm down with that but the thing is we're in a residential thing. There's children here."

An employee with the city who came out after the swarm attacked Pepita told 10News that he was unaware of any home in the neighborhood that was managing a hive, but did say he was concerned about the city's Africanized bee population.

Meantime, a scientist at UC San Diego tells 10News that according to a study he and others are working on – which is soon to be published – roughly 80 percent of all bees now in San Diego County are Africanized.

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