Dog injured by coyote finds new home: Pooch to lead 'Mardi Paws'

RANCHO SANTA FE - Sophie, a 2-year-old maltipoo injured by a coyote as she defended her 7-month-old canine companion in her East County backyard, is scheduled to go home with a new adoptive family Tuesday, according to the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Sophie and another maltipoo were given up by their owners, who feared that the two dogs would not be able to fend off a future coyote incursion. The other dog, which was uninjured, has already been adopted.

According to the animal center, Sophie will be going home with her new family after she leads a "Mardi Paws" parade in celebration of Fat Tuesday.

HWAC Animal Services Manager Ed Farrelly said the perfect family has been found for maltipoo.

"Sophie has been (medically) cleared ... and we don't want her to wait any longer," Farrelly said. "We all want to celebrate and say goodbye and there's truly no better way to celebrate than with a Mardi Paws parade!"

The parade will include music, dogs in costume, floats made from dog strollers and small wagons.

The story of Sophie and her young companion, Lulu, recently aired nationally on Fox News, and adoption applications were received from as far away as Columbia, S.C., Washington, D.C., and Detroit, according to the animal center.

Because of widespread interest in Sophie, prospective adopters were asked to write a 300-word essay on why they would provide the dog with the best home.

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