Dog found tied to tree up for adoption

CORONADO, Calif. - Police in Coronado were surprised to find a dog all by itself tied to a tree, but it's what else the dog's owner left behind that really shocked officers.

Coronado Police Department Cmdr. Michael Lawton said, "It's unusual, but really … every animal that's abandoned has a story behind it."

Lawton told 10News that a message on the dog's tags said she "likes to chase squirrels."

According to Lawton, the person who left Zuzu, a Chihuahua mix, tied to the tree first stitched a message on her leash that said, "Never let me off" and "I run fast."

On her tags, Lawton said Zuzu's tags read: "My name is Zuzu. Mom died and son deployed. Squirrel hunter, fears Thunder."

Zuzu also came with medical history.

Lawton said, "The tags indicated that she had some surgery last summer, but that she's fine and it doesn't bother her … so we seem to believe that."

Zuzu is available for adoption at the Coronado Animal Care Facility.

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