Dog attack victim surprised by police officers, firefighters

Girl survived vicious pit bull mauling

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - A four-year-old girl got a huge surprise Thursday a little more than a week after she was mauled by a pit bull.

Dozens of National City police officers, firefighters and paramedics showed up at the home of Hailey Nunez to congratulate her on a successful recovery. They brought her toys and games and also gave her mother a gift card.

Hailey was viciously attacked by a pit bull last week. A woman was walking the dog on a leash and Hailey got too close.

The dog bit Hailey on her face and shoulder, and she now has a scar that zigzags from her right cheek to her mouth and chin.

"When there's children involved, it's always kind of a heightened level for us as paramedics," said AMR paramedic Joey Fulwiler, who was one of the first to treat Hailey.

Fulwiler was one of the emergency responders to show up at Hailey's home Thursday. Hailey's mom, Ruby Nunez, said the little girl is getting better.

"Well, she still has trouble sleeping and she doesn't want to walk to where it happened, where the accident happened, so she's really scared to come outside," said Nunez.

The visit was also therapeutic for emergency responders as well. They said it's rare they get to see the positive results of a job well done.

"This is something that we rarely get to see, this side of it," said Fulwiler.

"We always see the worst in people and to see something like this warms our hearts," said National City Police Chief Adolfo Gonzales.

The pit bull was euthanized the same day of the attack. Its owner is facing felony charges because she ran away with the dog after the attack, according to authorities.

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