10News obtains flirty emails, texts that led to Navy commander being removed from post

SAN DIEGO - 10News has obtained the flirty emails and texts that led to a Navy commander being removed from his post.

Those texts and emails were written by the former second in command of the San Diego Beachmaster Unit, Navy Cmdr. Allen Maestas.

Over a series of texts to one female sailor Maestas wrote, "I'm jealous u r in (pa)jamas. I wish I could join you."

To the same woman, he texted, "I still haven't received my bday gift, maybe you can send me a pic of you in shorts..." and "You should be proud of your legs and show them off more. Just my two cents."

In the texts, he frequently asked the sailor to send him pictures.

During another exchange, Maestas was visiting a ship in Korea where he said it was sort of cold.

He wrote, "I brought some warm skivvies ... u should come out here ... I could give you a tour."

To which the sailor responded, "Tour of the ship?"

Maestas wrote back, "Yep... not a tour of my skivvies... lol :-P"

The report says Maestas used emoticons after offensive remarks as a way to claim he was only joking.

After that "joke," the sailor wrote back that she did not like it.

In several emails to another female sailor, Maestas asked to see her tattoos.

In one exchange, Maestas said he missed St. Patrick's Day because his back hurt and wrote, "I don't suppose you give back massages?"

He then asked the female sailor with help tailoring his uniform, and wrote, "You're the only one I trust to take my clothes off in front of..."

Maestas denied doing anything wrong when he was first questioned.

However, texts such as the following to a subordinate are hard to spin: "I was sort of missing u already. We need to have dinner someday and tell stories ... it would be fun."

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