Doctor accused of duping Medicare twice

State says shutdown prevents them from knowing how

SAN DIEGO - A local doctor has been arrested again, accused of illegally billing Medicare while he was behind bars. The state tells 10News the government shutdown is preventing them from knowing how he did it.

10News was in court as Dr. Jason Ling was arraigned Tuesday.

"He got paid $3,500 for Medicare for days that he was in jail," said Deputy Attorney General Hardy Gold.

The state says Ling was in jail for writing bad prescriptions to addicts and drug dealers.

"There were times when patients would come in and said they were selling the drugs and Dr. Ling prescribed the drugs. So, that's how things stood," said Gold.

Ling was also on bail for another case where the state says he was linked to people who sold motorized wheelchairs, accused of fudging Medicare documents and giving the chairs to people who did not need them.

Medicare caught on to all of this and suspended his access, but that did not stop him. The state has no idea why.

"And because of the government shutdown, we can't get access to the information to trace those steps and figure out how he was able to turn the tap back on," said Gold.

The state says when the "tap" came back on, Ling drained it of more than $400,000 and until the shutdown in Washington is over, they will not know how he did it.

Ling has not been convicted of any of these crimes, but he is part of three active criminal investigations.

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