Docs: Accused shooter Hans Petersen faced bankruptcy, divorce

SAN DIEGO - The biotech executive who allegedly shot two La Jolla men, including his ex-brother-in-law, recently dealt with bankruptcy and divorce, according to documents uncovered by 10News.

The documents show that  Hans A. Petersen, 49,  and the first shooting victim Steven Dowdy both invested in a bio pharmaceutical company called Traversa Therapeutics in Carmel Valley. According to federal bankruptcy documents, Traversa went under last year.

Petersen's Linkedin profile states that he was the CEO and director of the company.  His online resume, also states he is CEO of Bays Four Corp., a genome data-analysis firm headquartered in La Jolla and that he has over two decades of successful management experience and had numerous start-up companies.

But Petersen's estranged wife, Bonnie Fletcher, said he "was fired in 2010 and went into an emotional tailspin and depression" after.

In court documents, Petersen's wife described a violent relationship with her ex-husband and that at one point, she removed a gun from their house because she was afraid of what he would do.

The documents also cite issues between Petersen and the second alleged victim, Ron Fletcher. Fletcher is Bonnie's brother, and Petersen claimed he was trying to sell the home the couple shared.

Petersen stated in documents, "[Fletcher] solicited offers on the property without my permission ... as the brother of Bonnie, Mr. Fletcher is not a neutral party working in my interest."

Bonnie Fletcher claimed violent, physical abuse at the hands of Petersen. She stated he was "taking various medications which are not supposed to be mixed with alcohol."

She also described one violent altercation where she said, "Petersen was rocking back and forth, banging his head against the wall, he grabbed me and put me in a stranglehold."

Petersen is suspected of opening fire into a home from a yard in the 5700 block of Waverly Drive, wounding Dowdy, 53, who awoke along with his wife in their bedroom to the sound of gunshots and got up to see what was happening.

Dowdy suffered a bullet wound to his abdomen, according to police. The woman was unhurt.

Nearly four hours later, more gunfire erupted in the 1400 block of Cottontail Lane, about a half-mile northeast of the site of the first shooting.

There, police found Fletcher, 43, with a gunshot wound to his torso and Petersen suffering from a head injury, police said.

Fletcher, Petersen's former brother-in-law, told officers that after being shot in the abdomen, he managed to wrest the gun away from the assailant and hit him over the head with it, subduing him. Petersen apparently had gained entry to the house by breaking a window with a rock, San Diego police said.

Medics took the two gunshot victims, both of whom were expected to survive, to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.

Neighbors identified the first victim, Dowdy, as a UC San Diego researcher and the second victim, Fletcher, as a Mission Beach-based real estate agent and property investor.

Fletcher's two young daughters were home when he was shot, according to police. Neither was harmed.

Petersen was treated at the same hospital before being released and taken to downtown SDPD headquarters for questioning, police said.

Petersen was booked into San Diego Central Jail Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of burglary, firing a gun into an occupied dwelling, discharging a firearm causing great bodily injury and three counts of attempted murder. He was being held without bail pending arraignment, scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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