District officials meet with community after Team10 story on knife incident

Parent said concerns not addressed

SAN DIEGO - School district officials met with parents over problems at Oak Park Elementary school after Team 10's story on parental concerns.

Barry Butler and other parents had a more than three hour meeting with school officials Tuesday.

"We feel they made excuses for the current principal. We feel like we don't matter," said Butler.

Butler, parent Saundra Blackledge and several other parents said they want Principal Reashon Villery out at Oak Park Elementary School.

"She's supposed to make sure the children are safe here," said Blackledge.

Team 10 broke the story that a student brought a knife to school at the end of last year after Butler said a student threatened to kill his son and was back at school three days later.

Sources said there was an investigation at the school over the knife incident and other issues.

"I think that the 10News story helped bring light to the situation and I think it gave a voice to a lot of parents like myself who are not being heard," said Butler.

Butler said parents, Villery, area Superintendent Shirley Wilson and Board of Education member Marnie Foster were all in the meeting.

Foster told Team10 off-camera we should not be doing the story right now because we cannot get all the information because juveniles are involved.

When Team 10 asked her to go on camera, she drove off and yelled she had to catch a flight to China.

"I feel like Marnie Foster has a conflict of interest. She expressed that to us … that she had a connection with the principal because she taught her kids as well," said Butler.

Butler's son is now in 6th grade and out of Oak Park but he said he will still fight for a change at the school.

"We as parents have to get involved, we have to volunteer, we have to suit up and show up and we have to let them know when things aren't right we are going to say something," said Butler.

This was a closed door meeting so Team 10 was not allowed inside, but a San Diego Unified School District spokesman told Team 10 after the meeting they were glad a dialogue was started between the community and the school.

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