District Mulls Bus Cuts For Magnet Schools

The San Diego Unified School District is proposing cuts in its bus service to all of its Magnet schools, 10News reported.

"I would either have to walk or my mom would have to drop me off," said fourth-grader Julia Aramouni.

Julia lives about 10 miles from her school. She and 462 other classmates depend on buses to get to the Language Academy, which is located in the College area.

Many of the students sit through long ride times.

A 30-minute bus ride for some students could come to a stop next school year.

"According to the Board of Education, eliminating transportation for Magnet programs will save $10.5 million. I want to see the math," said parent Bey-Ling Sha.

Over half the students at the Language Academy not only depend on the buses but they also qualify for discounted lunch fees. Most of the parents cannot afford transportation.

"Many of our parents actually don't even have vehicles. They choose to put their kids on the school's transportation because they want to get their kids to this school," said Language Academy Principal Veronica Lopez.

Lopez said she fears losing more than half her students with the lack of buses. She said that would cause overcrowding in other schools.

"My biggest fear is that the school will close down," said Lopez.

The Language Academy uses 15 buses, and all of the Magnet schools combined use a total of 262 buses.

The service is free, and parents who work said the buses allow them to keep their jobs.

At least one parent has an idea on how to keep the buses rolling -- by charging parents.

"You give up something of pleasure to get your kids to school," said the parent.

The school board has until June 30 to approve the proposal.