Disabled man claims he was humiliated at Encinitas auto parts store

ENCINITAS, Calif. - A disabled Encinitas man is demanding an apology after he claims a trip to an auto parts store ended in humiliation.

"This really hurts me a lot inside," said Danny Newvine.

For Newvine, the hurt has not lessened since the day he walked into an Encinitas-area O'Reilly Auto Parts store in late May.

His car's check engine light was on and he asked an employee to read the code.

Newvine told 10News the employee rudely said no, stating state law prevented any work from happening in the parking lot.

Newvine said he pointed out a worker was helping someone install a battery in the parking lot.

"Why are they helping people out and you cannot help me out?" said Newvine.

He left and came back the next day to find out the employee's name in order to file a complaint. He asked another employee -- who was in his 20s -- for the name.

"He was laughing in my face over and over, and I asked him over and over, 'Could I please get the name?'" said Newvine.

Born with cerebral palsy, Newvine said he's familiar with that type of laughter. He said the employee eventually gave him the name, before escorting him out of the store.

"As soon as I stepped out the store, he called me a retard and he slammed the door in my face," said Newvine. "It really devastated me because I did not think a big business like this would do this to me."

In early June, Newvine sent a letter to the corporate offices of O'Reilly Auto Parts, demanding an investigation.

He told 10News he never got a response, which angers him.

Since the incident, he said he's gotten depressed and avoids stores.

Newvine is contemplating legal action, telling 10News, "No one should go through this; being bullied in life has to stop."

A spokesperson for O'Reilly Auto Parts told 10News:

"State laws do prevent us from checking engine codes. We referred him to an installer across the street who could check the code free of charge. Our investigation showed there is no truth to any of his allegations. Our team members were helpful, not rude. He was the one who was loud and insulting. We did respond to Mr. Newvine in two separate letters."
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