Dina Shacknai to present new findings in son's case

Shacknai to speak before Coronado City Council

SAN DIEGO - The mother of a boy who died after a fall at the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado landed in San Diego on Monday to fight to reopen his case.

Dina Shacknai is expected to appear before the Coronado City Council on Tuesday to present findings that she says shows that her son Max's death was not accidental.

The findings include two never-released reports. A three-page report that the Coronado Police Department had done by Dr. Mark Gomez was completed 17 days after Max's death. It rules his death as an accident.

Shacknai is also expected to present a 29-page report that took about nine months to complete. That report was done by Dr. Robert Rove -- an expert hired by Shacknai -- and rules Max's death as a homicide.

Shacknai said the diagrams in her expert's report and the city's report are different in how they depict Max going over the railing in the Spreckels Mansion. She said the city's version depicts Max being several inches taller than he really was.

"There's a checks and balances system with everything, so this should apply locally as well as the highest levels of government. And this is what I'm asking the city council to do: is provide checks and balances for what has gone on there and provide them any information that they need… all the information that I have," she told 10News,

Shacknai is expected to address the council at about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

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