Deputies: Security guard staged shooting in Santee: Lance Wright reported similar incident in Feb.

SANTEE, Calif. - A security guard who said someone shot at him and he fired back while patrolling near Gillespie Field made up the story and may be charged with lying to police, a sheriff's official said Thursday.

Lance Wright, 22, of Lakeside, admitted Wednesday during questioning that he lied and shot his own car, Sgt. Scott Enyeart said.

He said he wanted to get out of the security business and believed the phony shooting would provide him with an excuse to quit, he said.

A similar report that Wright filed about coming under gunfire in the same general area in February was bogus as well, the sergeant said.

Earlier, Wright claimed someone in a red Chevrolet Suburban shot at him shortly before 4 a.m. Friday as he drove east on Woodside Avenue, near state Route 67, in Santee.

Wright told detectives he stopped, got out of his car and returned fire.

Detectives were skeptical about the story from the outset.

"It’s strange, very strange; we don't get this type of case at all, and security guards aren't normally the target of this type of incident," Enyeart told 10News. "The evidence did not reflect ... his version of the incident."

Residents who lived in the area told investigators what they saw and heard that night.

"They heard the shots, looked outside and were able to disprove his statement to us that the red Suburban was not present. Through our investigation, we determined that this was staged and that Wright shot his own weapon at his own car," said Enyeart.

When confronted with the discrepancies, Wright, who worked for Bravo 3 Security, eventually confessed to his deception, Enyeart said.

Wright appeared embarrassed when he admitted the truth, Enyeart said. He was released pending the outcome of an investigation.

Sheriff's investigators plan to seek charges against Wright, likely including filing a false police report, negligent discharge of a firearm, felony vandalism and planting false evidence. 

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