Dawn Blitz takes North County beach: U.S. Marines train with international forces

US, Japan, Canada, other countries participated

CAMP PENDLETON - Marines and sailors from different countries participated in the largest military amphibious exercise ever on Friday.

Hundreds of troops from the United States, Japan, Canada and several other countries landed on Red Beach at Camp Pendleton on Monday as part of Dawn Blitz. 

They traveled in LCACs – the Marines hovercraft – and AAVs, which are armored assault vehicles.

"This is something that we in the Marine Corps do on a regular basis but not this large," said USMC Brig. Gen. John Broadmeadow.

It was the first time many of the Americans worked alongside their foreign counterparts.

"We know that wherever we go today, we're going to be operating alongside a strong coalition," said Broadmeadow.

Dawn Blitz also allowed the countries to work out the differences between how each country operates its military.

"Overcome that friction of different languages, different communications systems," Broadmeadow said.

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