Dave Roberts prepares to take office as first new county supervisor in nearly 20 years

Roberts will represent District 3

SAN DIEGO - His physical office at the San Diego County Administration Building is not quite ready, but County Supervisor-elect Dave Roberts is ready to serve.

Roberts, who defeated Steve Danon in a close race last November, will be the only Democrat on the new Board of Supervisors and the first new supervisor in nearly two decades.

The former Solana Beach deputy mayor will take over District 3, which includes several coastal communities and some inland areas, including Escondido. Roberts replaces Republican Pam Slater-Price, who endorsed him during his campaign.

"This is a non-partisan job and I'm so pleased the incumbent supervisor, she happened to belong to a party different than mine, but she said that I was the best candidate and she endorsed me over four other candidates," Roberts said.

Roberts is openly gay and the father of five adopted children. He has been married to his husband, Wally Oliver, for more than a decade.

Roberts regularly uses technology, such as Twitter, to reach out to the public about not only his political life, but his personal life, too.

"I do that all myself," Roberts said, when asked if he personally sends out all the tweets. "I'm a big believer in it. I come from the technology field."

One of Roberts' priorities includes increasing solar power usage.

"What we want to do is allow people to be able to put solar on their homes, on their businesses. It's done with no government involvement," Roberts said, referring to what he called the PACE initiative - privately assessed commercial energy.

When asked about his fiscal policies, Roberts said he has "strong fiscal discipline," but did not mind making investments that are in the best interest of the county.

"This is a big government," said current Supervisor Ron Roberts, who has no relation to the incoming supervisor.

"Our budget is bigger than 13 or 14 states … the five people have to work together," Ron Roberts said.

Ron Roberts joked he already has a plan when it comes to pending disagreements.

"I've already shared with him if something goes wrong, he's the Roberts. When it goes right, I'll take all the credit," he said.

Dave Roberts' swearing-in ceremony takes place Jan. 7 at noon.

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