Daughter of missing woman Mehria Mansury questioned by police

Mansury reported missing more than a week ago

SAN DIEGO - 10News cameras were rolling Wednesday night in Serra Mesa when the 42-year-old daughter of missing woman Mehria Mansury was escorted out of her mother's home by police.

Acting on a tip, 10News cameras were rolling as investigators left the one-story home with Gazelle Mansury. She was dressed casually in a black shirt, black pants and flip flops. She held a lit cigarette in one hand and her dog on a leash in the other.

A 10News crew asked her as she walked by, "Why are you being arrested?"

She answered, "I'm not being arrested."

When asked why she was being taken in, she replied, "Questioning."

For hours after she left the home, police investigators combed through the missing woman's home. They searched in the garage where the daughter reportedly stayed and even searched in the trash cans in front of the home.

Mehria Mansury, 79, was reported missing more than one week ago.

Neighbor Denise Lattizzory told 10News she was at a loss for words watching the police activity inside her neighbor's home.

"I was really hoping that they would find the mother and she'd be OK," she told 10News from across the street from Mansury's home. "It's really a sad thing. You know, it's like anybody else, one of your neighbors, you don't want anything like this to be in their life."

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