DA: No felony charges against SDSU student busted with trunk full of collectible guns

Still faces minor-in-possession of alcohol charge

SAN DIEGO - An underage alcohol sting last October in the College Area yielded one sensational arrest: a San Diego State University student was arrested after police searched his car.

There was a cache of weapons in the trunk of 20-year-old David Moore's car.

Those included several World War II collectibles: bolt-action rifles, a handgun and ammunition, but he also had an assault rifle replica of the Russian classic, the Dragunov. Red flags went up and the bomb squad was called in.

Moore was arrested, but the District Attorney has now rejected filing charges.

His parents are relieved. They told 10News that the gun collection was locked in the trunk because he was simply moving it back to storage.

"It was not allowed for him to have them in the apartment he had and he was putting them in his car to transport it to a rental place off-campus where he'd had them stored previously," said Moore's father, David Moore Sr.

He added that his son has always been fascinated with science and the military.    

"When he was a little boy, we used to go to the air show and he would tell the pilots what kind of planes they were flying and the armaments on the planes," he said. "He attended space camp at the earliest possible age, had a fascination with airplanes and aircraft as well as spacecraft… why he's (studying to be) an aerospace engineer."

He liked to experiment. A YouTube video shows Moore shooting off an air cannon.

His mother, Sherry, assisted her son. 

"I was there to help record doing this one," she said. "He was going to blast off. We were going to see how far it would go, how long it would take, and basically just work on the experiment together. Ever since he was little, he did all sorts of experiments."

He also volunteers.

"The week before, he was at the USS Midway with a group of students from San Diego State for exercise with the veterans, and the week prior to that, he and a number of friends from San Diego State were packaging food for 60,000 families, nationally and internationally," she said.

Moore must still face a misdemeanor minor-in-possession of alcohol charge, while San Diego State University Police Capt. Lamine Secka said those guns and ammunition are still being evaluated. 

"We still need to determine their legality, whether they'll be returned to their rightful owners, determine who those rightful owners are and return them as appropriate," he said.

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