DA Declines To Charge Alleged Drunken Driver

Police Say Suzanne LaTour Flipped Man’s Car, Slammed Into Another

The district attorney's office will not file charges against an alleged drunk driver who flipped one man’s car and slammed into another as she fled the scene while having a blood alcohol level of nearly three times the legal limit.

Police said in June 2009, Suzanne LaTour hit Kevin Fleming’s car as they both drove north on State Route 163 near Balboa Park.

Authorities said LaTour had a .22 blood alcohol level and the police officer on the scene recommended in his report that LaTour be charged with felonies, but the district attorney will not file charges.

“It seemed a little fishy to me,” said Fleming. “It seems like she has the connections in this town to make this kind of thing go away.”

LaTour is heavily involved with the San Diego Woman’s Foundation and was a board member at the YWCA of San Diego when District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis received the YWCA Tribute to Women award.

“The way a case is charged is based on evidence and the law, not on the name of the defendant or what possible connections they may have,” said district attorney spokesman Paul Levikov.

However, the city attorney has filed misdemeanor DUI charges against LaTour.

LaTour did not return a call for comment.