Cyclist on the hunt for hit-and-run driver

SAN DIEGO - A cyclist hit by a car and left on the road says he will not stop searching until he finds out who was behind the wheel of the car.

"I remember my legs over my head and being flipped in the air," said Robert Demaio.

At about 10 a.m. on Sept. 7, Demaio says he was biking on the right edge of road, going south on Aldine Drive, when witnesses say a car behind him swerved into him.   

"I just remember hitting the ground and being in excruciating pain," said Demaio.

Dazed, he got up and saw the car driving off.

"I'm yelling out, someone needs to go after the Subaru that ran me over," he said. "I instantly knew the type of vehicle that hit me because I used to own one."

Instead, the witnesses tended to him. He was taken to an emergency room. The collision had cracked his helmet, causing a severe concussion. His body was filled with road rash. He was discharged after seven hours.

"I got out of bed that next morning, and I was furious," said Demaio.

Still heavily bandaged, he drove the area in search of the car. When he was blocks from his home, he says he found the car he was looking for.

"Stopped dead in my tracks and knew that was the car," said Demaio.

Parked on driveway was a Subaru with front-end damage and a cracked windshield.

He called San Diego police. An officer came and impounded the car.

"He informed me he found rubber from my front wheel and human skin on the vehicle," said Demaio. "I was told a piece that fell off the bumper also matched the car."

Demaio said the car owner says he was out of town during the accident and the two roommates with access to the keys both denied driving it that morning.

A San Diego police spokesperson told 10News that since no witnesses saw the driver, the investigation is at a standstill.  

10News knocked on the car owner's door but no one was home.

Demaio's attorney, Mike Bomberger, says they just filed suit against the car owner, Logan Banner, and his roommates, Bahadar Khunkhun and Brandon Oyos.

Banner filed a stolen vehicle report eight days after the incident, even though the car was back in the driveway the day after.

"He filed the stolen vehicle to avoid responsibility for the accident … We are going to take this case to find out who is responsible, so they can be held accountable," said Bomberger.

Because of the incident, Demaio says he now suffers from memory loss, depression, neck pain and other symptoms.

"The actions of the driver prove this is someone that should not be allowed on the road," said Demaio. "Too often, there are no consequences for drivers who harm cyclists."

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call San Diego police.

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