Customers say they are out thousands from timeshare company

People were supposed to get timeshare in 90 days

SAN DIEGO - Update: The attorney for SD TLC Resorts, Allan Cate, told Team 10 they are working to get customers a refund. He showed Team 10 the cashiers check for Leana Eickholt's refund.

Cate contacted all the customers that told Team 10 they are still waiting for a refund or their timeshare. He expects to have their issues resolved in two to three weeks. 

He said the company had an issue with a product line that made it difficult to transfer the time share units. He said the problem is resolved and they are working to make sure all the clients are satisfied.

Upset customers told Team 10 they are out thousands of dollars after signing up for a timeshare.

They said the owner gives them every excuse not to pay them back, the company's website shows it's "under maintenance" and that when you call you get a voicemail.

Leana Eickholt and her husband had big plans after a presentation by SD TLC Resorts LLC in Oceanside.

"It was really affordable," said Eickholt. "We really liked the guys in the office."

Eickholt said her salesman was a man named Hahn. They paid $4,000 for a timeshare. 

"We could go to over 4,000 locations around the world," said Eickholt.

They were supposed to receive the timeshare in 90 days.

It has been 10 months. They said no one will take their calls or give them answers.

"Knowing that they were going to have my money, that Hahn was going to get his commission from my money made me sick," said Eickholt.

Another customer, Candace Lawson, told Team 10 she paid $5,000 for her timeshare.

Lawson sent Team 10 her documents and emails with owner Bob Climer. She said she paid them and noticed an extra charge on her credit card for $194.

She said Climer promised to credit her account, which never happened. In the emails, Climer told Lawson her file was missing. Then, he said someone died and he could not do payroll.

Lawson is sick of the excuses. She just wants a refund.

A Team 10 crew went to the address listed for SD TLC Resorts in Oceanside and told a woman in the back of the office they were looking for Climer.

She handed Team 10 the phone. A person named Hahn said there was an issue with the distributor and that Team 10 should talk to Climer.

The Better Business Bureau of San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties is concerned as well. They dropped SD TLC Resorts because of the unanswered complaints.

"They are spending thousands of dollars for a timeshare and then they can't get the phones answered, they can't get a response and they don't get the product," said BBB President and CEO Sheryl Reichert.

Team 10 is still waiting for a call back from Climer.

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