CSUSM students rally against sexual assault

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - More than a dozen Cal State San Marcos students rallied against sexual assault as the campus reopened for the fall semester Tuesday.

A group of students organized the rally after a young woman was sexually assaulted at an off-campus Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity party in May.

Adie Lopez, a nursing student who took part in the rally in front of the library, is angry and scared.

"Generally, I feel safe on this campus but after hearing what happened, you can't help but think this could have been me or could have been my friend," she said.

Lopez is uneasy because the suspect, possibly a fraternity member, still has not been arrested. Police said the young man used a date rape drug.

University spokeswoman Margaret Chantung told 10News there have been four sexual assaults involving their students, off-campus, so far this year.

Faculty and staff members were sent an email in the last few days regarding the policies and their responsibility to report a sexual assault if they hear about it.

Last Friday, administrators created a hotline for students to confidentially call and report a sexual crime.

"The main thing the university wants to get across is that victims are not alone," Chantung said.

Sen. Barbara Boxer and local Rep. Susan Davis introduced the SOS Act in July, requiring colleges and universities that receive federal funding to designate an independent advocate for campus sexual assault prevention and response.

Lopez said, "I want to help because I want to be in a safe campus." She took part in the rally because she does not want other young women to live in fear as they work towards their futures.

The Attorney General is now involved in this investigation. The man suspected of the sex assault is cooperating with Oceanside police. An arrest has not been made because investigators are waiting on DNA results.

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