Crews install court for 'Battle on the Midway' game

Game threatened by weather issues


Crews installed a basketball court on the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum Tuesday, even though the first non-exhibition game between San Diego State University and Syracuse is being threatened by the weather.

The game, dubbed the "Battle on the Midway," is scheduled to be played on one of the longest serving aircraft carriers in naval history, but a storm threatens to have the game move indoors.  

"We and the game producers have a contingency plan to possibly move the game to the Valley View Center, the old Sports Arena, but we're hopeful the Midway Magic will prevail and the game will go on as planned," said Scott McGaugh, the public information director for the museum.

Work began on Oct. 31 to transform the flight deck of the carrier as crews labor to construct seating for several thousand and put up lights and sound equipment. The museum's volunteers also had to move about a dozen historic aircraft to make room.

"We had a lot of tugs and tow bars and we had to be extremely careful because these aircraft are not replaceable," said Vern Jumper, who served as the Air Boss on the ship when it was an active duty carrier.

The first game played in San Diego to honor veterans was the Carrier Classic between North Carolina and Michigan State. It was held last year aboard the USS Carl Vinson.

That game was also threatened by weather with the alternate plan of moving the game to the ship's hangar bay. However, that plan cannot be done on the Midway because the ship's hangar bay is much smaller.

The producers of the event will make a determination on the game's location by mid-week.

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