Crews clear out 'Tent city' off Interstate 5, state Route 94

Caltrans, CHP to step up patrols of area

SAN DIEGO - Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol say they are increasing patrols after a homeless camp off the Interstate 5/state Route 94 connector was cleared again Friday morning.

On Friday, dozens of people packed up their belongings and wheeled it away. Other items were simply tossed into a truck.

"It's a nightmare. It really is," one homeless man told 10News.

The man, who said he's only been homeless for a few months, was being kicked out of a place he hates being.

"What they do every so often, they come in, make us move; we come in later on that evening," he told 10News.

"It's frustrating; it sucks," said Marriessa Badgley, who is homeless.

Badgley is one of an estimated 10,000 who live on the streets of San Diego County. She has been homeless for four years, since she was just 16 years old.

Badgley and her dog, Arizona, have grown to like the piece of state-owned land nestled between I-5 and SR-94.

Patrick Chapman, a contracted Caltrans worker, told 10News, "We were here on Monday and we cleaned this entire place on Monday, and this is what it looks like again today."

Badgley said she and others received the notice to pack up and leave the area last Friday, and then again on Monday.

"Last time, Caltrans was here, Monday, right?" Badgley said.

"Why did you go back?" asked 10News reporter Hannah Mullins.

"It's our place to live, for now," Badgley replied.

Caltrans and CHP officers work together to clear out the camps because they say it's wildly dangerous as cars speed by people camped between freeways. There is also only one way in and out, and that's to walk.

Badgley said, "There's been a couple [of] times when they blame us for people getting hit by cars … it's not our fault …"

When asked where he is going next, a homeless man said, "Don't know … it all depends … I have not a clue. It's up to God right now."

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