Crash Victims' Family Not Ready To Accept Toyota Apology

The chairman of Toyota made an apology Wednesday, but friends of a family killed in a fiery runway crash in Santee were not ready to accept it.

For more than a decade, Charlotte Fajardo was close friends with the family of California Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor. The family was active in a local Filipino cultural group.

Fajardo watched Wednesday as Toyota's chairman, Akio Toyoda, addressed the Saylor family in a congressional hearing. He said he was sorry for the fatal accidents connected to runaway vehicles and said, "I would like to extend my condolences to the Saylor family."

An investigation by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department pointed to a faulty floor mat in the loaner Lexus being driven by Saylor as the cause of the crash.

Fajardo said, "I welcome the apology; I'm not sure about the acceptance of it." She added more healing is needed -- along with something else.

"I'm sorry is good, but what you're doing from now on is the most important part of the apology," she said.

Fe Lastrella, who lost two children and a granddaughter in the crash, shared the same feeling.

"I can’t talk to her without her crying," Lastrella said during the hearing.

Days before Lastrella's testimony Wednesday, Fajardo spoke to her on the phone. 10News was told Lastrella was anxious about reliving the accident, but also resolute.

"She wants to make sure there will be change," said Fajardo.

"We don't want another person, another family to suffer like we are suffering," testified Lastrella.