Coyotes torment Murphy Canyon neighborhood

Dog killed by coyote Tuesday

SAN DIEGO - A local military family is mourning the loss of their two-year-old dog, who was killed Tuesday night when a coyote scaled a backyard fence and attacked him.

According to the Williams family, their miniature schnauzer named Milo let outside to eat its dinner when a neighbor knocked on the family's front door. The neighbor had just seen a coyote scale a fence into the backyard.

"And [I] just run and open the door and …," said the dog's distraught owner, Angela Williams.

Milo was a gift for Williams' children for when their father was deployed to Afghanistan.

"As a parent, I feel guilty," said Williams.

She said she felt guilty because the residents in her Murphy Canyon military housing community (on Voge Street) have been warned that coyotes are in the area. Last October, 10News interviewed a woman in the same neighborhood when her dog was killed. Residents told 10News more than a dozen dogs have been killed since then.

"That could have been one of my kids if it was just a few minutes before that," said Williams.

10News contacted housing management to see if they had any plans to protect the community, but no one called 10News back as of Wednesday evening.

10News also called the California Department of Fish and Game, and a spokesman said they only get involved with coyotes or wild animals when one attacks a person.

"I would just hate for it not to be a dog for something to happen," said Williams.

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