Coyote pups burned in Poinsettia Fire to be released back into the wild

SAN DIEGO - Two coyote pups have made a miraculous recovery after nearly dying in the Poinsettia Fire in May.

After a two-month recovery, a wildlife organization is getting ready to release them back into the wild.

The brother and sister coyotes raced back and forth in their cage Monday, nervous with all the media attention. It is a miracle they are even able to walk.

"These coyotes are very lucky to be alive," said veterinary technician Gina Taylor. 

Taylor said the duo was brought in with major burns after the Poinsettia Fire raced through Carlsbad in May. The fire scorched their paw pads.

"These were very severe burns," said Taylor. "Infection would've taken their life and then they're not eating and getting the resources their body needs to help combat infection."

After a 10-week recovery, their fur and toenails grew back. It cost the nonprofit $22 a day for each pup for food and vet care.

The coyotes could be released as early as mid-September but the organization is trying to figure out where to release them. The area they came from is scorched and has limited food.

"The canyon these two pups came from is not exactly able to sustain good life right now, so we're going to work with Fish and Wildlife to relocate them to a slightly different area," said Ali Crumpacker, director of The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center.

Now, the organization is asking homeowners who have large properties or who live near a canyon that was not affected by the fires to contact them. They are hoping to release the pups somewhere in the Carlsbad area.

To contact the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, call (760) 789-2324.

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