Court records: El Cajon man accused of stalking young woman had possible 'rape kit' in his car

RAMONA, Calif. - An El Cajon man spoke with 10News from jail about his arrest. Richard Bennett is accused of stalking a young woman and showing up to her home with a possible "rape kit" in his car.

Court documents show Bennett began stalking his victim four years ago while she was in high school. The two met at a Lakeside coffee shop where she worked.

Court records indicate Bennett asked her out multiple times to go camping but she refused. It got to the point where she filed a restraining order after he showed up at places she was visiting.

The family then moved to Ramona to hide from Bennett, but court documents show Bennett used social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to track her down.

The victim now attends Dartmouth College on the East Coast and came home for summer break earlier this month.

According to court documents, the day after she arrived, Bennett showed up at her home to offer landscaping services. The victim's family called 911 and a sheriff's deputy pulled Bennett over near Barona Casino. Inside his vehicle, deputies found what they call a "rape kit." It included a flashlight, gloves, binoculars, a Cal Fire sweatshirt and a piece of rope fashioned into a slip noose.

"I am innocent as the day is long," Bennett told 10News. "The restraining order is against this girl and I went to visit the parents. They are nowhere near that restraining order."

Bennett became upset when 10News further questioned him about the possible rape kit. He said, "You're not on my side and I am done," before he slammed down the phone and waited for a jail guard to escort him back to his cell.

On Facebook, Bennett is following several Dartmouth College women's sporting teams.

10News reached out to the victim, who was reluctant to talk because of the incident.

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