Court documents: Students suspected of starting fires on UCSD campus tied to eco-terror group

SAN DIEGO - Court documents show that the same group blamed for an enormous condo fire in University City more than 10 years ago may have been at it again -- this time at UC San Diego.

Surveillance video at the center of the investigation shows two women, who are students, walking to the Price Center at UCSD. That is where police say moments later, two fires started in two different bathrooms.

In 2003, a group called the Earth Liberation Front, or ELF, torched a condominium project in University City to fight what they consider an exploitation of the environment.

Investigators found a sign at the scene that read, "If you build it, we will burn it."

A few weeks later, they hit again, setting fire to more than 100 SUVs and spray painting dozens more with phrases like "I Love Pollution."

Now, investigators think they may be back at it. They say the two women in the surveillance video were ELF members.

They arrested 22-year-old Holly Ngyuen and 21-year-old Maya Land. The two are suspected of starting the bathroom fires during a vote to build a Starbucks on campus with the hopes of stopping it.

The fires were put out and the Starbucks vote passed.

Both women have pleaded not guilty to arson.

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