Court documents reveal allegations against local high school counselor

Lucas Jubb accused of having sex with minor

SAN DIEGO - New details emerged Monday regarding a sex scandal involving a local high school counselor.

Lucas Jubb, 35, was arrested last week, accused of having sex with a minor.

The district trusted Jubb with troubled teens and showcased him in one of their promo videos. Now, he is being highlighted in court documents with details alleging sex with a minor in January, with a girl he saw as a licensed therapist four years earlier.

The documents say, "Jubb told (the victim) not to tell anyone or he could lose his job. Jubb told (the victim) to delete all her text messages from him."

The court documents imply the girl is a student but does not say where. The documents do say Jubb took her to his place in Pacific Beach twice for sex.

"Again, Jubb walked her into his residence and had sexual intercourse with her on the living room floor," the documents said.

The documents go on to say that afterward, he drove her back to the area of the school so she could catch the bus.

The victim told this all to a school counselor and then detectives, who had her call Jubb while they listened in.

"During the phone call, Jubb did not deny they had sex at his apartment, stated he could not have gotten her pregnant because of a medical condition, and was willing to submit to a DNA test," the documents said.

When police searched his apartment, they found condoms and a handwritten journal.

Jubb works at ALBA High School, an alternative school in North Park for students who have been expelled or have learning disabilities. He is currently on administrative leave.

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