Couple's photos help lead to arrest of El Cajon burglary suspect

EL CAJON, Calif. - El Cajon police are applauding the work of a couple that foiled a burglary attempt.

ECPD Lt. Tim Henton told 10News officers arrested 18-year-old Haitham Riyad Ahmed Al Ahmady Thursday after a local couple photographed an attempted burglary and the getaway.

"(The couple) noticed somebody that wasn't right, somebody that didn't belong in the neighborhood, and kept an eye on them," said Henton.

Becky Nunnaloy was inside the home at the time.

"It was going to be a nice quiet day," she told 10News reporter Joe Little.

Police said Al Ahmady started ringing her doorbell, presumably to see if anyone was home. Another man stood watch.

Nunnaloy's daughter and son-in-law live directly across the street and saw everything.

"He grabbed the camera and started taking pictures," said Henton.

"Then he went around and into the backyard," said Nunnaloy.

That's where she made eye contact with the man through her window.

"I said, 'Dial 911!'" she exclaimed. "He heard me say '911' and he nonchalantly walked out, and then my daughter saw him cross the street, get into his car, and left."

Nunnaloy's son-in-law clicked a picture of the getaway car and its license plate.

Henton called the information "huge," and El Cajon police were told to be on the lookout for the car.

Thirty minutes later, Officer Ben Hogan spotted the car on his routine patrol.

Police believe Al Ahmady may be responsible for other daytime burglaries.

Nunnaloy's daughter and son-in-law were applauded by police for being the eyes and ears of the community.

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